Pension Question for Police Officers Returning to Work Part-Time

A police department has part-time hourly officers who are not in the Article 3 Fund, and the department may hire back some of their own retirees temporarily because of staff shortages due to COVID-19. When asked if this would impact the officers’ pensions, our opinion is that they can be hired into a position not covered by Article 3. However, another question posed is will there be tax ramifications of going back to work for the same town before the age of 59.5?


  • If the member is being rehired into a police officer role, they must (re)join the Article 3 Fund and their retirement benefit must be suspended.
  • If the member is being rehired into a non-police officer role, they can continue to collect their retirement pension and if they are unter the age of 59.5, their 2020 1099R will reflect a “1” in Box 7.