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The IPPFA was founded in 1985 as a not-for-profit organization whose mandate was to educate public pension fund trustees. In 2009, the IPPFA became the primary education provider for public pension fund trustees in the state of Illinois. Our members manage over eighteen billion dollars in pension assets.


IPPFA Benefits — The Wise Choice

Wise Choice for Educators

A low fee, transparent and high service alternative to the supplemental retirement plans offered by insurance companies.

Wise Choice for Public Employees

The plan uses “pension style” investment funds, built around sound asset allocation and modern portfolio theory, in the core product.

Retirement Health Care Funding

How would you like to pay for your healthcare cost in retirement all tax-free? This also includes the insurance premiums.

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The IPPFA services meets member needs by holding educational seminars and an annual training conferences, by producing trustee and investment handbooks, by making referrals for professional services as required, by sponsoring legislation, by creating networking opportunities, and by sponsoring prepaid medical retirement plans and an optional defined contribution plan.


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