How do I satisfy the annual trustee training requirements?

In 2009, the Illinois legislature passed two laws requiring a total of 16-hours of annual training for Downstate Police and Fire pension trustees, 8-hours more than trustees that sit on other public pension funds. 8-hours of this training was mandated to include the topics of ethics, fiduciary responsibilities, and investments; not 8-hours on each topic as some believed. The type of training for the second 8-hours was decided on by each board as to what was relevant and available to each board.

UPDATE: On December 18, 2019, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed SB 1300, making it Public Act 101-0610. This act will consolidate all Article 3 and 4 pension fund’s investment assets. Under Public Act 101-0610, training requirements have now been reduced from 16-hours of continuing education training to 8-hours for annual renewal.

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