Saving Blue Lives

The Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA) and Northern Illinois University (NIU) have teamed up to help active and retired police officers, fire/ems and 9-1-1 operators to expand their knowledge of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This program, “Saving Blue Lives through Training on PTSD, Suicide, Resilience and Peer Support,” is offered at no cost to those attending.

The no-cost NIU – IPPFA seminar includes:

  • Learning the symptoms of PTSD
  • Conditions that often arise with PTSD, such as depression and substance abuse
  • Identifying ways to bolster resistance
  • Suicide and conditions such as PTSD
  • Methods for dealing with PTSD without the help of a mental health professional
  • Effective treatments with the help of a mental health professional

NIU has received a grant from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority to underwrite this program.  The seminars are conducted by a qualified mental healthcare professional, along with the assistance of experienced sworn personnel with substantial careers in emergency response.

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