Educating Pension Fund Trustees Since 1985

The IPPFA (Illinois Public Pension Fund Association) was founded in 1985 as a not-for-profit umbrella organization representing police and fire defined benefit retirement funds in the State of Illinois. It was founded by a small group of elected fund trustees who were bewildered by their new responsibilities, but who were intrigued by the possibilities they saw around them. The original goals of the Association were educating pension fund trustees, providing legal advice and representation for pension funds, and proposing and supporting legislation beneficial to Illinois Pension Funds. Today those goals remain unchanged. In 2001, the IPPFA Board of Directors introduced proprietary 457 Retirement Healthcare Funding plans  to further insure the retirement security of public safety personnel.

There are currently over 600 police and fire pension funds in Illinois.

The IPPFA services member needs by:

  • Holding educational seminars
  • Producing trustee and investment handbooks
  • Making referrals for professional services as required

There are currently over six hundred police and fire pension funds in Illinois. The Board Of Trustees of each fund makes the investment decisions, manages the fund, and authorizes disability and retirement pensions in accordance with Illinois Statutes. In the aggregate, these funds manage over ten billion dollars.

The IPPFA services member needs by: holding educational seminars, producing trustee and investment handbooks and making referrals for professional services as required (e.g. physicians, attorneys, accountants, actuaries, money managers, financial advisors). In addition, the Association sponsors legislation, investment opportunities, prepaid medical retirement plans and an optional defined contribution plan (VEBA plans, and the IPPFA 457 plan).

Until this Association was formed, there had been no formal organization set up statewide to address the needs and concerns for the police or fire retirement funds and their trustees.

The Association publishes a quarterly newsletter, maintains an active website, and in conjunction with Northern Illinois University has offered the Certified Pension Trustee Program since 1999. IPPFA maintains active memberships and reciprocal agreements with state and national organizations that have similar goals and objectives.

In an historic look back to 1985, the Illinois Police Pension Fund Association was formed as a not-for-profit association by a group of police officers serving as pension trustees who recognized the need for an umbrella organization that would educate, provide assistance and lobby to protect the pension funds of police officers. In December of 1993, the Board of Directors realized that these needs also included firefighters and they voted to offer full membership to all Fire Pension Funds of Illinois. We are now known as IPPFA: Illinois Public Pension Fund Association.


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