IPPFA Heroes Family Fund

Helping Member Funds Assist

 Survivor Families and the Severely Disabled


Overview.  The IPPFA Heroes Family Fund provides financial support to the families of police officers and firefighters, from IPPFA member pension funds, who are killed or severely injured in the line of duty.  Support is also available to families facing similar loss from non-duty events.  The Fund was established in 2003 and is overseen by the Board of Directors of the Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA).


Funding.  Initial funding for the Heroes Fund came from a generous gift from the late pension fund attorney Richard Puchalski.  Continuing benefits are made possible from the proceeds of fundraising events, donations from IPPFA corporate and other sponsors, donations from rank-and-file members and generous citizens.  Recently a bequest was made from the estate of a retired police officer who served on our Board.  Persons wishing to donate may do so by sending a check to the IPPFA Heroes Fund, 2587 Millennium Drive (Unit C), Elgin IL 60124.


Benefit of IPPFA Membership.  Grants to assist the families of the fallen and others are a benefit that comes with a pension fund’s membership in the IPPFA.


Since its founding, the Heroes Fund has paid almost $200,000 in benefits to 38 families.  The largest grants of $5,000 are paid for line-of-duty death or severe injury.  Another grant category at $2,500 is paid for active duty Covid-19 deaths.  A complete list of grants made in the Heroes Fund history is available at the website.


If a member police or fire department experiences a job-related loss or severe injury, please report this event to the IPPFA.


501-c-3 Organization.  The Heroes Fund is a qualified by the IRS as a public charity under ID# 13-4216515 (formally known as the IPPFA Remembrance Fund).  Accounting and reporting services are provided by Lauterbach and Amen LLP.  Investment management is provided by Graystone Consulting.



Taking Care of Those Who Have Taken Care of Us

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