PSfit: Public Safety Financial Independence Training

Dear Illinois Police and Fire Professionals:

Welcome to the PSfit Program. In this undertaking, IPPFA hopes to provide valuable retirement information directly to you, the men and women who protect the people of Illinois.

The goal of this program is to present important material so that you can use to plan and execute a successful retirement. IPPFA has expertise in each of the key areas presented: Illinois pensions, Social Security, deferred compensation, saving for retiree medical costs, and more. And by delivering this to you via our website, you can access whichever modules are of interest at any time that is convenient for you.

And, if you or any organization prefer, this material can be accessed by small or large groups in a class type setting. Do you want to coordinate one or a series of group meetings on these important topics? All you need is right here at the IPPFA PSfit website: a video, the slides and the supporting text.

The information on police and fire pensions is specific to Illinois. But the other information applies to public employees nationwide. So, if you are from out-of-state and found us via a Google search or other referral, stick around!

Please give PSfit a try, and let us know if it helped you. Feedback will help us improve this vital program. And keep your eye on the IPPFA website for important newsletter bulletins and information on in-person presentation of the PSfit modules.

My thanks to the IPPFA-PSfit Committee for their continuing efforts on behalf of Illinois police and fire professionals:

Michael Herbert, Chair Pleasantview Fire Protection District (retired)
Dan Collins Skokie Fire Department
Dan Ryan IPPFA Staff
Joel Babbitt IPPFA Benefits
Doug Aller New Concepts Benefits, Inc
Dan Palmer Bartlett Police Department (retired)

And, an additional thanks to you for your daily efforts and dedication to public safety.

Jim McNamee
President, IPPFA