Employer Spotlight: Webster Groves switches from a DC plan to LAGERS
Source: Missouri LAGERS

 Employer Spotlight: Webster Groves switches from a DC plan to LAGERS.

Missouri LAGERS is the largest non-profit public pension system in the Show me State. We serve nearly 60,000 working and retired local government employees including fire fighters, police officers, utilities workers, EMTs, public works personnel, librarians, and more!

LAGERS believes that our members provide invaluable services to our communities and we exist to provide secure retirement, survivor, and disability benefits for these dedicated local government workers and their dependents.

Over 90% of our members continue living in Missouri after they retire and their benefits remain a major economic driver within the state even years after retirement. Because of this, LAGERS is not only good for our members and retirees, but for the communities and taxpayers of Missouri as well. Missouri LAGERS is truly getting it right!

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